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“He who doubts and does not investigate does not only become unhappy but also unjust” . PASCAL BAISE


DETECTADOS is an office of private investigators that offers their clients work quality through the act of obtaining evidence with the most advance techniques and means in the market. Our job is directed towards businesses, professionals and the general public in the national and international areas. DETECTADOS offers a personalized treatment, adapting to each of its clients, investigating with the highest discretion, confidentiality, privacy and reliability. For this, DETECTADOS has a strong team of the best professionals in the area, specialized in the following and obtaining of the required information in a quick and discreet manner. Our professional skills and serious demeanor has turned us into what we are, a company of reference in the area of private investigations.

        Detectados - Servicios de investigación is a member of:



The Spanish Professional Private Investigators Association (APDPE)



The Spanish Professional Handwriting Experts and Documentarists (PROCADE)



The Spanish Association of Graphologists, Investigators and Handwriting Analysts (AEGIP)



Member of the international association of experts.