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Handwriting analysis is an auxiliary science for the law to study the authenticity of graphics and of documents. Therefore, it is always in continuous evolution.

With the advances in science and the development of judicial procedures, handwriting analysis is acquiring an increasing role. Bearing in mind also that the growing importance of the document in our time has also resulted in an increase in counterfeiting, these circumstances have forced experts to refine their research methods in order to be able to contribute to the work of judges and lawyers.

Detectados has its own Laboratory of Graphology with the equipment and material necessary to carry out in great detail a handwriting analysis. Such as a stereoscopic microscope, magnifying glasses, photographic material, computer equipment and software necessary to determine the type of paper, ink or graphic entity of a document. Our reports are made according to the UNE Standards established by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

This feature allows us to carry out our work with the greatest efficiency, saving time and costs for our clients.

The fields of application, among others, are the following:

- Authentication of signatures and rubrics 
- Verification of the typing support used
- Document changes or alterations
- Holographic wills
- Imitations or plagiarisms of patents and trademarks
- More info

- Advice to individuals and companies in all kinds of situations.
- Viability study.
- Judicial ratification if necessary.