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Private Detectives work in many areas of the family and business sectors, performing a multitude of services, such as a follow up to check for an infidelity or a false job, a property investigation to prove asset stripping, among many others.

Private Detectives become a useful mean for our clients and their legal services in obtaining the necessary evidence before a possible trial or simply to know the truth.

Detectados offers integral solutions to individuals and companies, having the support of a Team of Professionals, Laboratories of Handwriting Experts and Graphology and Technical Means.

Detectados provides services in the following areas:

- Pre-employment Reports
- Work Absenteeism
- Control of Feigned Sick Leaves
- Unfair Competition and Employment Duplicity
- Performance control of managers and employees
- Industrial espionage
- Information Leaks and Disloyalty
- Breach of Professional Secrets
- Labor performance
- Thefts, robberies...

- Doubtful behavior: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling
- Infidelity
- Truancy
- Child Behaviors
- Premarital reports
- Separations, custody of children, pensions, modification of measures, home abandonment, delivery of children...

- Sublease rentals
- Duplicity of home and non-occupation
- Dedication of housing/premises to other purposes

- Fearless Insolvency
- Pre-foreclosure and executive information
- Search for Administrators and companies

- People
- Heritage
- Inheritance
- Delinquent customers

- Counterfeiting
- Research Patents and Trademarks

- ITECV (Electronic Sweep)
- Analysis of mobile terminals
- Audio and video installations
- Design and adaptation of equipment
- Private Private Investigation
- GPS Tracking and Localization
- Debugging of recordings

It is a pioneering service, provided by the most competitive companies dedicated to private research. Through the preparation of ad hoc reports, aimed especially at your business and taking into account their characteristics and particularities, you can increase your prevention capacity to anticipate possible risks and improve your decision making process, specifically those of a strategic nature , Taking advantage of new market opportunities.

Due Diligence

• Analysis of competitors

• Reputational risk

• Coverage of projects and personnel displaced in the national and international scope:

    √ Country or specific country risk

    √ Project Risk

- Investigation of Injuries caused in Vehicles, Houses and Companies
- Disabilities, Repercussions, etc.